Agrocorp Processing Moose Jaw Update

Posted on August 27, 2014 · Posted in News

New crop samples are starting to filter in, which means one thing….. harvest has started. Generally speaking, quality has been good thus far on what has been harvested, and yield reports have been mixed. Green peas have been variable from less than 20 bu/acre to well over 40, with yellows in the same range to slightly better. Red lentils have been in the 15-1800 lb range, which is respectable but much lower than last years big crop. There will be many lower yielding crops as the flooded acres in many of the low spots will bring down the field average. Green lentils seem to be coming off so far with some good quality and yields, but with unsettled weather across much of the province this last weekend, producers were hoping to dodge the rain clouds that will do nothing but delay harvest and downgrade the quality of crops yet to harvest. There have been some storms that have dropped some significant amounts of rain this past week in certain areas of the province, which are making harvest progress and quality concerns an issue. Forecast for this upcoming week looks promising, for harvesting to resume.

Agrocorp Processing in Moose Jaw is coming up to its first year of operation. We appreciate all of the producer support, and were patient during the strike related delays. We are proud to report after 9 months of operation we turned our storage 16 times, this is 20 times annualized making us one of the most efficient plants in Canada in our first year of operation! This wouldn’t be possible without the great staff and the producers we service. In striving to continue operating at this level of efficiency as our new 180,000bu bin expansion project completes on November 1, we will be extending our dumping hours from 6am to 10pm daily Monday to Friday and stay tuned to updates, as weekend dumping is available periodically. Please drop your samples off, as we have onsite SGS grading on-site.

Currently Agrocorp is buying #2 or better red lentils for 25 cents/lb.and #2 smooth green peas with 3% bleach or less for $8.50/bu. This is a delivered Moose Jaw price, for current September/October movement.
We are also purchasing #2 large green lentils for 24 cent/lb., delivered Moose Jaw, deferred delivery, with the usual discounts for lesser grades. Call Patrick at 306-693-8887 if you have any questions or for more details.

Tune in and listen to 800 CHAB, as we are doing a Meals in the Field promotion with them. Please stop by the office to drop off your samples and enter to win a Meal in the Field with Agrocorp and CHAB. Listen to the crop prices, and maybe you too will hear that you have won!

Speaking of meals in the field, we would like to thank everyone that came out to our open house day on Thursday, July 31st, and entered to win one of 2 meals in the field we had for door prizes. It was a great day for a tour and a tremendous success. Many commented on how fast trucks could dump and the benefits of having an SGS third party grader on-site, as well as the fast payment terms. At this time, we’d like to announce that our winners were Ray Francis of Moose Jaw, and Glenn Bodie of Mossbank. We look forward to coming out in the next couple of weeks, to bring a hot meal to the winners and their harvest crews.

Last but not least, we would like to announce that we are going to initiate an Agrocorp Processing Producer of the Year award. This will be given annually to a producer who has helped Agrocorp in the past year, not only through their sales, but through their co-operation and commitment to help make both of our businesses a successful partnership. The winner will receive an all-expense paid trip for two, to Vancouver, to meet with our Vancouver trade team, as part of the itinerary that is customized to the winner. We are proud and happy to announce that this year’s Agrocorp Processing’s Producer of the Year is Pat Hawkins of Shamrock. Congratulations, Pat. We hope you have a great time in Vancouver.

Please check us out at:

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Producer Relations

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