About Us


Agrocorp Processing Ltd., headquartered in Moose Jaw, SK, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Agrocorp International Pte Ltd. based out of Singapore – one of the largest Pulse trading houses in the world. With 19 offices in 13 different countries, we are trading in excess of 8 million metric tons of diverse agricultural commodities – grains, pulses, sugar, oil seeds, cashew and cotton. Agrocorp has significant presence in the primary origination and buyer markets: Canada, West Africa, China, Turkey, the Middle East, India, Bangladesh, and Vietnam, among many others, and has an annual turnover touching $3 billion USD. We have experienced ongoing growth and success in international markets distributing pulses, major grains and oilseeds via containerized and bulk vessel shipments; approximately 2 million metric tons of Canadian origination was delivered to global consumers last year.

Agrocorp’s Canadian presence consists of a trading office in Vancouver, and 4 processing units in Alberta & Saskatchewan with a combined 500,000MT export capacity. We put an emphasis on creating quality local jobs as well as bringing diversity to the workplace.

Core Values

We believe core values are a key part of our success.  They drive productivity, growth, profitability and sustainability, and are what guide us in our day-to-day

We work closely with our co-workers, suppliers, customers, and business partners around the world, to realize our shared goals.  We encourage open communication as well as sharing of expertise, knowledge, and ideas. We embrace diversity and treat people with dignity and respect.  Even when there is no direct personal interest involved, we are ready and willing to be of assistance.

We believe in being proactive. We are constantly challenging ourselves to think outside the box with new ideas in striving for innovative solutions. We anticipate market trends and are able to maneuver through adversity. We are not afraid to take informed, responsible risk.

We act with honesty, integrity and uphold a high ethical standard.  We are committed in providing exceptional products and consistent delivery of the highest quality service.  We challenge ourselves to execute flawlessly and promote personal and professional development.  We give our best, we help each other to be our best, and we expect the best.

We adhere to the highest standards of professionalism.  International best practice is our benchmark.  We exercise professionalism in our work and accept responsibility for our decisions and actions.  We are accountable for our commitments.

Healthy Spirit
We take pride in the economical and nutrient-rich foods we ship throughout the world.  Not only do we promote healthy eating, we promote all around good health, starting in our workplace. We support individuals, families and communities in practicing healthy lifestyle choices and encourage health education. We seek the reduction of health and food inequalities worldwide.